Krajcik and Schneider present at International Seminar for STEAM Doctoral Students

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September 13, 2022

Dr. Joe Krajcik and Dr. Barbara Schneider were invited guests and presenters at a ClimComp consortium meeting held at the University of Helsinki, Finland, on August 23, 2022. "Learning of the competencies of effective climate change mitigation and adaptation in the education system" (ClimComp) is a research project funded by the Academy of Science Finland, 2021-2024. Dr. Krajcik talked about 'Grand Challenges' in climate education; Dr. Schneider's talk focused on investigating optimal learning moments. 

On August 24, Dr. Krajcik was invited to lead a workshop on research-based design of teaching/learning modules, pointing to CREATE's 'Crafting Engaging Science Environments' (CESE/PIRE) project for examples. This event was open to doctoral students in Finland, Estonia, and Israel, and is a part of the Horizon 2020 SciCar project. 

On August 25, Dr. Schneider, co-PI of the CESE/PIRE project, was plenary speaker at a morning session chaired by Dr. Jari Lavonen of the University of Helsinki, and one of the international collaborators on the CESE/PIRE project. Later in the day, Dr. Krajcik participated in a conference for graduate students in order to provide feedback on their research. 

CREATE deeply values its relationship with the University of Helsinki, and looks forward to future collaborations.