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CREATE Global is an international group of researchers that focus on promoting STEM education worldwide. Our goals are to improve the teaching and learning in STEM disciplines for students grades K-12 through research and development efforts for all learners, regardless of their cultures or experiences. We bring scientists and others together to work on challenging global problems in STEM education. 

Current Research Projects

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This project aims to develop research-based design principals for creating Augmented Reality Smart Note (ARSN), a product that can be customized, depending on the subject matter, to combine analog and digital environments in order to create an individualized learning environment. Regardless of whether the subject is mathematics, science, or a foreign language, for example, ARSN would convert analog forms such as text, a photo, diagram, or video in any media to a digital form using Bluetooth technology, which does not require internet connectivity.

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This project, funded by the National Science Foundation Partnerships for International Research and Education, brings together teachers, researchers, and educational leaders from the United States and Finland to investigate critical issues in global science education.  CESE developed high school chemistry and physical science units implemented in both countries, and examined levels of student engagement and learning resulting from 3-Dimensional Project-Based science instruction.
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 A collaboration between CREATE, Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) in Germany, and Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.   The ELeVATE (Exploring Learning in Various Approaches to Teaching Energy) project is a six-year, $1.8 million research project (NSF) that investigates the impact of different approaches to introductory energy instruction in middle school. Researchers have investigated how students build ideas about energy within the context of the systems-transfer approach, with positive results. 

Recent News

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